Battery cells, modules, and packs each require unique styles of testing to evaluate battery chemistry and validate performance or safety. But what’s a cell? What’s a pack? Which tests are useful during design and which ones should wait until the manufacturing and production phase?

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In this eBook, we’ll go over:

  • Electrification of the market and why testing matters
  • The definition of cell, module, and pack
  • Challenges in battery testing
  • The three stages of battery testing during design and manufacturing
  • How battery testing processes have changed
  • Common types of battery tests
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Focused Testing

We’re one of the largest battery testing labs for small and medium format in North America with almost 1,000 cycling channels and an environmental chamber capacity of more than 100 cubic feet. 


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We offer not only regulatory but performance testing services for a breadth of batteries, including lithium-ion, to provide product insight and competitive comparison. We aim to be the only battery testing partner you need!


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Maintaining complete transparency of our testing procedures ensures our customers are knowledgeable and in control. We ensure you’re always aware of what’s happening throughout battery testing procedures.


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“Cindy Millsaps and John Copeland, of Energy Assurance, are thought leaders in the lithium ion battery testing space and I know they will always provide the highest level of customer support, while solving complex battery related testing issues, for our PRBA members.”