Energy Assurance provides comprehensive battery testing and certification services to customers across the globe. In 2019, we chose Voltaiq, a Battery Intelligence™ software tool, to automate battery analysis and provide real-time data access to our customers.

This solution empowers customers to accelerate time-to-market goals with the ability to access battery data in real-time, enabling them to evaluate data, discover problems, and quickly course-correct. Voltaiq automates and accelerates battery analysis, driving on-time product launches and product reliability. This partnership expands and enhances our current offering with the addition of enhanced analytics and automated reporting.


The Challenge

Prior to the ChannelView solution, our customers would request test results for a meeting at a moment’s notice. Several hours of data collection were needed, creating inefficiencies across the entire Energy Assurance team. Even weekly testing reports would require tedious manual work to aggregate and organize the data. Furthermore, once the customer received the raw data from us, additional time was necessary to visualize this data in order to represent the information in a digestible and concise manner.

Real-time reporting allows a customer to view the various test protocols that we use to easily facilitate collaborative troubleshooting. Without real-time reporting, customers do not learn about or address issues until later, which could potentially delay product launch dates. For large organizations, a delay in a product launch could result in millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Data analysis is a key, yet time-consuming bottleneck in the development of any battery-powered product. Voltaiq automates 90% of the tasks typically associated with battery data analysis, providing up to 1,000x faster access to the insights needed to make crucial engineering decisions.


ChannelView permitted our team to review data in real time, allowing us to make critical business decisions even as testing was still in progress.”

We decided to reach out to Voltaiq who offered a comprehensive, unified enterprise platform for battery tracking and analysis, streamlining complex workflows and empowering collaboration across globally distributed teams.

Voltaiq’s technology offers automated data aggregation and analysis for agile, iterative battery product development by surfacing performance and quality issues early enough to maintain or accelerate product launch schedules.

The Energy Assurance ChannelView solution, powered by Voltaiq, uses the industry’s leading battery analytics software platform to ensure high quality battery data analysis and reporting. This offering provides a complete system for managing test data and realizing value with three unique features:

Data Search Functionality

  • Data is collected directly from industry-standard equipment, and can be configured to ingest battery data from any source.
  • Data collection and reporting is automated, simplifying the process of documenting results.
  • Comprehensive search is available across battery properties, test conditions and performance KPIs, enabling teams to quickly create data sets that they want to analyze.

Extraction of Valuable KPIs

  • Raw data produced by Energy Assurance is automatically organized into clear KPIs delivering actionable insights

Built-in Plotting Feature

  • Users are able to create meaningful visuals of test data using builtin plotting functionality, eliminating the need for third-party data visualization systems.
  • Users can quickly analyze data to identify issues that impact performance, production yield and reliability

We now have access to a full suite of productized industry best-practice analytics to rapidly develop, evaluate, qualify and validate new battery designs and battery suppliers.

The Battery Intelligence platform tracks and traces every battery throughout its lifecycle, including the entire performance history and metadata profile specifying suppliers, materials and manufacturing parameters — a true Battery Digital Twin.

Our partnership with Voltaiq allows our customers to scale quickly and efficiently. With extensive battery expertise and industry best-practices built into the platform, we enable customers to rapidly expand their battery program with fewer hires and less specialized expertise.

Microscope Analysis


Channel View

Since partnering with Voltaiq, our team and our customers have experienced increased time-savings. What used to take several hours is now served real-time in a format that’s easy to understand.

When battery testing services are used to qualify cells or packs, it’s imperative that the data collected can be interpreted and presented in a clear report. Raw battery data generated by the test equipment is updated every 15 minutes within the ChannelView system and presented in an organized dashboard.

With information accessible at any time we can focus on executing test projects and solving issues for our customers, potentially accelerating development time.

Landis+Gyr, a leader in integrated energy management solutions, was one of the first to benefit from ChannelView. They used the web-based data plotting tool to allow for easy comparison between multiple samples’ results simultaneously. Intuitive features like the plotting tool and data export make it easy to analyze vast amounts of data at any time.

We are proud to offer real-time data access to our customers wherever they are across the globe.

Contact us at information@energyassurance.com or call 404-954-2054 to learn more about our comprehensive testing facility and real-time data capabilities

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