Understand how your product stacks up against competitors in performance. If you’re evaluating multiple suppliers, our competitive benchmarking protocol and evaluation will help you make the best choice.

Through our battery comparison evaluation, we will provide you with a unique scoring output and report detailing performance and overall quality to make your battery selection as easy as possible.


Custom Test Capabilities

  • Cell and battery cycle life testing​
  • Cell and battery capacity checks​
  • High rate discharge performance
  • Capacity at temperature
  • Temperature cycling​
  • Storage at temperature
  • Oven exposure, heating​
  • Short circuit at room/elevated temperature
  • Overcharge and overvoltage testing​
  • Forced discharge​
  • Low pressure/altitude​
  • Vibration​
  • Mechanical shock​
  • Crush/impact​
  • Free fall to various surfaces​
  • Nail penetration
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