We're proud to now offer full-service, comprehensive testing solutions to support your Electric and Hybrid Vehicles getting to market faster.

With over 100 years of combined industry-relevant battery test experience, our EV & grid-storage (ESS) cell testing lab in Hopkinton, MA is the premier battery life and performance testing facility in the U.S.

This additional lab increases our high-current cycling capacity and we're now able to test the entire range of lithium-ion cells for high-performance products.


Lab Testing Facility

  • Real time data access provided by Voltaiq
    • Experience with automotive cell validation testing per USABC standards
    • Ability to execute customized grid-storage/ESS life cycle profiles
  • Full site capability up to 1,180 cell test channels and 150 environmental chambers:
    • 20K sq. ft. facility
    • Supporting multiple industry-standard formats (Including large capacity prismatic - both opposed and same-side tab)
  • 1,180 Cell Test Channels 
    • 5 Volts,  100A – 1,200A
    • 100% Temperature recording during testing (Individual cell and chamber-level)
    • Maccor battery cyclers

Testing Procedures

  • Cycle Life, Calendar Life Storage Testing, Charge Rate Mapping, Cold Crank, HPPC, and custom procedures supported
  • Temperature Control from -70°C to 150°C
    • 150+ Temp Controlled Chambers


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