We are proud to offer battery failure analyses and engineering evaluations of energy systems, batteries (such as lithium-ion), and component cells. Whether your needs are proactive (pre-launch) or reactive (consumer or field issues), Energy Assurance’s analysis services will help you:

Determine the root cause for quality and safety-related failures

Benchmark your products against the competition (design, safety, and/or cost)

Evaluate and/or qualify new suppliers

Identify patent infringement or counterfeit products

Drive lessons-learned for next-generation products

Failure Analysis

Failures can range from benign issues (e.g. dead lithium-ion battery) to battery overheating resulting in damage or injury. Failure analysis can establish the root cause and provide insights

Product Teardowns and Product Benchmarking

Understanding what’s inside a battery is critical to protecting your brand. Battery teardowns and cell construction analyses can identify potential design, performance, or safety issues and help understand cost structure. This process can also be used to benchmark your competition or determine whether a product is counterfeit or if patent infringement applies.

Battery and Cell Evaluation

We can help define and execute a test protocol and set the minimum criteria for cells, batteries, and battery-powered devices to meet your customer needs. The scope can be limited to safety-related aspects or be as broad to include performance and reliability determine the appropriate actions to address field populations or prevent future incidents. With Energy Assurance, you gain access to x-ray imaging, CT scanning, microscopy, product dissection including cell teardown, circuit analysis, and replication testing.


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