September 21, 2021 — Join Energy Assurance and Plug Volt to gain an understanding of the typical structure of automotive EV programs, along with how the APQP phase gate process aligns to the key milestones of Automotive Component Verification (DVP & PVP) validation plans. Learn valuable insights into best practices, standards, and a range of different tools and strategies from trusted experts.

This webinar covers key topics:

  • Typical EV program structure overview and APQP process
  • Effective reporting and communication strategies
  • Procedure definition and development
  • Ensuring proper test set-up preparation and execution
  • EV relevant testing standards and customer specific testing
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May 6, 2021 — Until recent years, component lithium-ion cells maintained a relatively simple compliance plan. With changes over the past few years and the expanded use of batteries in more and varied applications, it’s challenging to finalize a compliance plan for lithium-ion cells. The cell suppliers will need to have knowledge of the end-use application of the battery they will potentially be built into.

This webinar covers key topics:

  • Li ion CELLS designed to be used in multiple end device applications
  • Safety standards that will be applied
    • Not covering recycling/chemical content,
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Failure Analysis

January 27, 2021 — Your product is only as good as the battery! Unfortunately, battery product failures can happen at any time. What should you do when you experience a battery failure?

Detailed failure analyses result in better yields, profitability, and business. Failure analysis leads to knowledge, which leads to improvement that strengthens the performance of a company’s product and its brand. A legal expert on lithium-ion failure analysis, Russ Gyenes, Principal Engineer, answers these questions.

This webinar covers key topics:

  • Why pursue failure analysis
  • Third-party lab value and expertise
  • What to expect during failure analysis
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May 26, 2020 — Aved Electronics hosted a webinar featuring Cindy Millsaps of Energy Assurance discussing regulatory compliance for lithium-ion batteries.

This webinar covers:

  • Selecting the proper regulatory standards for your application
  • Understanding national and international requirements for battery packs/end devices
  • Typical testing timelines
  • Label requirements
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